About Us: Our Team

Elizabeth Toon Charities is led by a passionate group of volunteers united by a common bond of faith, hope and love and who are dedicated to serving children in need.

Chairman of the Board:
Larry Toon

Board of Directors:
C.L. Baskin
Jane Bolin
Laurie Brigance
Tracy Brightman
Laura Brooks
Taylor Brooks
Coleman Brown
Valerie Davisson
Daniella Giglio
Bill Hickey
Brant Landry
Norman Mcleod
Justin Toon
Patti Toon

Advisory Board Members:
Sandy and David Alexander
Susan and Pryor Blackwell
Rusty and William Duvall
Martha and Donald Miller
Elizabeth and Martin Peck
Gail and Steve Reinemund
Barbara and Skip Ryan
Valette and Jeffrey Sopp
Marianne and Roger Staubach

Executive Directors:
Carolyn Cross
Carrie Rowling

Shootout Committee Members:
Abby Cutler, Marissa Bales, Henry Benton, Mary Margaret Browning, Beau Browning, Taylor Brooks, Laura Brooks, Beau Browning, Rena Padachy, Meredith Cummings, Marshall and Shannon Estes, Beth Fenton, Caroline Hurley, Caroline Lipscomb, Carrie Rowling, Jaclyn Dennis, Katherine Helms, Kristen Schor, Leigh Burns, Michel Ketter, Code Morse, Joshua Furrh, Daniella Giglio, Emily Hill, Doug Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Andra King, Laura Richardson, Larry Toon, Patti Toon